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  • 2N Indoor View
    • 2N® Indoor View

    • 7-inch indoor station with HD Touchscreen

    • The tempered glass surface and award-winning design will fit perfectly into any luxury residential project.

  • Hikvision Smart Hybrid Light
    • Smart Hybrid Light

    • Security cameras with Hikvision Smart Hybrid Light technology

    • Discover Hikvision latest release of security cameras with Smart Hybrid Light Technology. CCTV cameras with this technology offer users a flexible choice of lighting modes.

  • Ajax Security System
    • Ajax Security System

    • Best security solutions for protection

    • Ajax Systems provides security and comfort, intrusion protection, fire detection, water leak prevention and video surveillance - all fully automated and integrated.

  • Hikvision AX PRO

    • Smart Wireless Intruder Alarm System

    • Featuring precise detections and comprehensive protection, it is an ideal choice for villas, offices, shops and more. Industry-leading intrusion alarm technology.


    Hikvision CCTV cameras. Designed for diverse needs from video security to business intelligence

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