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Ajax Systems

Ensuring the security of residential property with an intelligent alarm systems is not difficult, and Ajax Systems offers one of the best security solutions on the global market. At the core of the entire ecosystem created by Ajax are layers of seamless security protocols that go far beyond what most smart home security systems can offer.

Ajax Systems 

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  • Alarm Starter Kits

    The Ajax Security Starter Kit gives you everything you need for protection. With intuitive functionality and a variety of built-in communication methods, the wireless HUB communicates with window and door sensors, security cameras and other alarm system devices, so you can easily control it all from your smartphone.

  • Hubs

    The AJAX intelligent control panel (HUB) is designed to become a key element of the configuration of the entire security system. The Ajax security alarm system uses the latest and most advanced Jeweler radio protocol, which allows you to create security systems of any scale.

  • Control Devices

    Sometimes you cannot control the surrounding situation, but you can always be sure that the Ajax security system will continue to protect your asets and property. Even if there is no internet connection or your phone battery is low, you can easily arm or disarm your security alarm on the fly using Ajax's wide range of devices.

  • Indoor Detectors

    The indoor sensors of the Ajax security alarm system monitor what is happening inside your property. Use it as part of your Ajax security system when you leave home. They reliably and accurately detect, instantly sound an alarm and immediately alert you via a mobile app if unwanted guests attempt to enter your living spaces.

  • Outdoor Detectors

    Modern Ajax outdoor alarm sensors monitor outside of your premises. Use it as part of the Ajax security system when leaving the site. They reliably and accurately detect, instantly sound an alarm, and immediately alert you via a mobile app if unwanted guests attempt to access your secure areas.

  • Fire protection

    Ajax Systems' base line of fire alarm products offers a completely new level of fire safety technology that meets the highest industry standards. Ajax security devices include a wide range of wireless fire detectors with a variety of sensors and battery options to suit any market need.

  • Flood protection

    Water leak detectors of the Ajax alarm system can prevent flooding from the first drop. As soon as water hits one of the four pairs of sensors, the security system instantly triggers an alarm. All flood alerts are communicated to users.

  • Sirens

    Ajax indoor and outdoor alarm sirens provide preventive protection and raise the alarm in the event of a break-in. Complete your smart AJAX security solution - for perfectly coordinated, comprehensive protection inside and out.

  • Relays & Modules

    With AJAX's Base line of security relays and modules, you can easily integrate third-party devices such as detectors, CCTV cameras and accessories, making them an essential part of your smart home.

  • Accessories

    Discover our range of AJAX security alarm system accessories and smart plugs to turn everyday appliances, lighting and any other electronics into smart home devices that you can control directly from your smartphone.

  • CCTV

    CCTV products from Ajax Systems are finally available. Without a doubt, these are some of the most complex products Ajax has ever produced. It was one of those technological ambitions that took 13 years to go from "it can't be done" to "now they do it." The new line of video surveillance products will include network video recorders, TurretCam, BulletCam and DomeCam Mini, which feature Ajax's signature design shapes and are available in black and white to suit any space.

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