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Door Controllers

One of the main elements of any access control system are door controllers. The door controller contains information about configuration of the whole system, operating modes, as well as the list of people who have the rights to enter the premises.

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  • Standalone Controllers

    Standalone Controller is the "brain" of its own "universe": the controller makes decisions whether or not to skip the ID code passed to it at the door. It stores list of ID codes with access rights for those codes in its own non-volatile memory. When a person presents the ID code (dialed in via keypad or present by card) reader compares it to those stored in the database. If those match decision is made to open the door.

  • Networked Controllers

    Network access controller is a building block of complete networked access control system. Together with other controllers and computers it forms a structure of centralized control and management. In such case, the decision of permission may be taken away from controller and been put on to the host computer software. The most common integration of controllers in the network is being performed via RS-485 or Ethernet LAN interfaces.

  • Biometric Controllers

    Biometric access control systems give organizations top of the line security for their infrastructure and employees. Biometric solutions are available both with integrated access controller or can be connected as input device to the most of existing access controllers. We offer these systems in two forms both as fingerprint readers and as well as a full hand scanners.