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Alarm Systems

We know that nothing is more important than protecting your home or workplace and everyone and everything inside of it. That is why we offer an advanced range of alarm security systems to meet your needs. Protect what you want to protect and do it in style with the latest technological advances in alarm security systems.

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  • Hikvision

    Hikvision has introduced a new range of intrusion alarm solutions to the security market – AX-Series, the brand-new wireless system stylishly caters for any residential and small commercial applications by seamlessly connecting security and video on one-platform. The system supports up to 32 wireless inputs from a wide range that includes internal and external detectors, contacts, keyfobs, life safety sensors and much more.

  • Ajax Systems

    You can prepare your Ajax smart alarm system to work itself, it will not take 30 minutes. This system reliably and efficiently protects your premises, and you will get all the information straight to your smartphone. The Ajax security system allows you to connect up to 50 IP cameras as long as they support the RTSP protocol.

  • Videofied

    The innovative security solution Videofied by RSI Video Technologies is a complete encrypted wireless 2-way alarm system, which works completely without connection to the electricity and telephone network. Therefore, Videofied can be used everywhere: on construction sites, in water supply facilities, in transformer substations, in mobile towers, in cemeteries, in swimming pools and, of course, also for temporary monitoring and/or support of patrol services. Installation is fast and straightforward. Within a system can be integrated up to 25 wireless individual devices, for example, purely battery-powered night vision camera motion detectors to ensure comprehensive surveillance. The alarm and image transmission is carried out via the GPRS mobile network. The Videofied system can be operated with only one battery pack for up to four years.

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