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Alarm Systems

Our range of intruder alarm systems includes professional grade security equipment for residential and commercial properties. Whether you are looking for a easy-to-use home alarm system, advanced office security solution or smart automation, we have a great selection to offer.

Alarm Systems 

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  • Hikvision AX PRO

    The Hikvision AX PRO wireless alarm system is great solution for those looking for a simple and reliable security system with advanced communication capabilities to secure small properties such as homes, shops or offices. Thanks to the free Hik-Connect app, managing your security system from your smartphone is simple and intuitive.

  • Ajax Security System

    Ajax provides security, intrusion detection, fire protection, water leakage prevention and video surveillance - all fully automated and integrated. The system promptly notifies users and the alarm center of any intrusion, fire or flood. Ajax also supports automation scripts that increase the security and convenience of the facility.

  • Videofied

    The innovative security solution Videofied is a complete encrypted wireless 2-way alarm system, which works completely without connection to the electricity and telephone network. Therefore, Videofied can be used everywhere: on construction sites, in supply facilities, in transformer substations, etc.

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