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Hikvision’s new Door IP Intercom Series allows you to see everything that goes on within your home or business and gives you the power to control it at your fingertips! These systems can be used for more than just access control; they also feature unit-to-unit video calling to aid communication between other rooms and buildings.


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  • IP Intercoms

    Hikvision 2nd Generation IP video intercom is designated for door entry communication including video and security access especially suitable for residential, public and SME sector. It includes modular outdoor station and several optional indoor stations, which can be easily connected in your building.

  • Two-wire

    Hikvision launches it's new 2-Wire modular IP intercom for modernization of apartment buildings. This solution is to expand the already successful 2-Wire kits, which are mainly used for small residential buildings, using the same housing and components from the recently launched 2nd generation IP intercom technology, also “inheriting” its modular nature, which makes it flexible for any scenario.

  • Accessories

    Explore our catalog of Hikvision's video intercom accessory products.

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