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Commax DRC-41UN – Door Camera, Flush Mounted

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Commax door camera DRC-41UN is designed to connect to one video intercom. The device has a built-in electric lock control relay. To improve visibility at night under adverse conditions of insufficient or unstable external lighting, there is a built-in LED indication, as well as automatic backlighting at a distance of up to 3 meters. It is possible to adjust the position of the video camera in the horizontal and vertical planes within ±10°. DRC-41UN works with Commax PAL color video intercoms. Viewing angles horizontal / vertical: 68 / 55°. The built-in camera allows you to get a color image with a resolution of up to 540 TV lines. The case of the device is made of metal and is resistant to mechanical stress. The panel can work stably even at negative ambient temperatures. Connection diagram 4-wire.


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Commax DRC-41UN – Door Camera, Flush Mounted

Commax DRC-41UN – Door Camera, Flush Mounted