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With the OFM2pro DUAL, you can secure your windows reliably against unauthorized opening and protect your home effectively against intruders. The OFM2pro DUAL consists of 2 magnetically connected parts: one is attached directly to the window, the other is next to it. If the window opens, the magnetic contact is interrupted and the opening detector notifies you that a window has been opened.

Key Features:

 - Dual opening sensor     
 - 2-way wireless technology (bidirectional)     
 - Opening control of windows and doors     
 - Dual zone connection for additional wired detectors
 - Sabotage contacts on the front and back     
 - Activation: Impulse or duration, Open Collector     
 - Alarm, sabotage, battery condition, status     
 - Compact and simple construction     
 - Very low power consumption
 - Power supply 3V CR123A lithium battery (included)

Model CodeOFM2pro DUAL
Working Frequency868 MHz, 433 MHz
Power Supply3V CR123A lithium battery
Consumption10μA, 30mA (transmission)
Working Temperature-10 ... 55 ° C
Dimensions35 x 80 x 22 mm / 12 x 80 x 10 mm
Warranty2 Years


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