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The RM2pro smoke detector combines two separate, highly developed detection technologies to reliably detect fires and save lives in an emergency. The optical smoke detection detects excessive smoke development during the heaters, thanks to differential and maximum measurement, both slow as well as sudden heat development reports - and the very loud: even at 3m distance a volume of 85 dB is reached, about as loud as a compressed air hammer. The combination of two technologies makes the RM2pro universally applicable. Even in the kitchen and in the bathroom, where conventional smoke alarms regularly cause false alarms, the RM2pro enables reliable early detection of fires. The RM2pro is installed quickly: with only 2 screws, the mounting base is attached, and then the smoke detector is locked with a rotation. Thus, it sits securely and securely, but can, e.g. To remove the batteries and replace them. With normal 3V batteries the RM2pro warns you reliably against fires for 3 years.

The smoke detector can be quickly and easily connected to your existing NEOSTAR PRO alarm system via the 2-way wireless technology. The 2-way communication allows interference-free operation by preventing interference in the radio frequencies. This allows many wireless devices to work side by side without problems. The RM2pro is the most effective type of fires yet to be detected and works smoothly and reliably with your NEOSTAR PRO alarm system.

Key Features:

 - 2-way wireless technology (bidirectional)     
 - Fire alarm by the NEOSTAR PRO alarm system 
 - Optical and acoustic signal transmitter     
 - Alarm, sabotage, battery condition and monitoring     
 - No radio emissions     
 - Ceiling mounting, back wall sabotage contact     
 - Low battery signaling     
 - Very low power consumption     
 - Power supply via CR123A 3V lithium battery (included)

Model CodeRM2pro
Power SupplyCR123A 3V lithium battery
ConsumptionIn standby: 0.02mA, with alarm: 100mA
DimensionsDiameter: 108mm, Height: 53mm
Warranty2 Years


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