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Return to business with less risk thanks to temperature detection

Return to business with less risk thanks to temperature detection

As companies in many countries around the world reopen and resume operations, people return to work and return to their daily routines. And with the application of current technologies in a practical way that helps in the real world, keeping people safe, healthy and protected is easier than ever.

The use of a non-contact temperature detection solution is a current measure that is used to quickly detect people with elevated skin temperature (EST). This detection method is designed to aid in the initial detection of EST, and is combined with the use of medical equipment to further verify symptoms. This method also reduces manual testing time and security risks for those involved in the detection process.

Temperature detection cameras have been widely adopted by organizations and companies around the world. Some of the most typical use cases are found in airports, hospitals, offices, and manufacturing and logistics facilities, which have seen tremendous benefits with thermal technology.

Hikvision helped customers build the first line of defense

Hikvision's temperature detection solution, comprised of multiple products and a wide range of applications, is designed for detection of skin surface temperatures for rapid and safe initial detection in public areas. Its flexibility means that it can be used in a multitude of settings.

Hikvision's thermal imaging cameras are used by customers from multiple industries around the world, such as at ports of entry and high-traffic locations, including Charles De Gaulle Airport in France, Brasilia Airport in Brazil, Ikazia Hospital in the The Netherlands, Cambridge Hospital in Canada, Chaudhary Group Industrial Park in Nepal, Toyota Industrial Park in Canada, Vancouver Liquor Store in Canada, and much more.

Temperature detection will continue to be important for reopening and resuming businesses of all kinds. In some countries, health authorities and regulators are taking a very cautious approach to deploying temperature detection cameras, and it is advisable to consult current local guidance before any deployment of this solution. In the case of the US, the latest specific guidelines published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), temperature controls at the entrances are recommended for employees returning to work. It is all part of the increasingly common measures employers are taking to protect themselves against a second wave of the pandemic.

More than that, Hikvision's temperature detection cameras are integrated into security and access control systems in convenient ways that really work, with features including social distancing measures, crowd and traffic control, mask detection, control Access and monitoring of employee attendance, temperature detection and more.