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2N presents 2N Access Unit M, the new Bluetooth access unit for offices

2N presents 2N Access Unit M, the new Bluetooth access unit for offices

2N, the world leader in IP intercoms, launches 2N Access Unit M, a smart access control unit equipped with intelligent readers, which sets a new benchmark in terms of speed, reliability and security for mobile access control for offices.

Recent research claims that over 4 out of 10 employees prefer to store login credentials on their smartphone. Leveraging next-generation Bluetooth-based mobile access technology, the new 2N Access Unit M multi-technology system and its readers make it much easier for residential solution developers, distributors and installers to provide multi-authentication options factor for buildings. Choices now include RFID, RFID combined with mobile access via Bluetooth, or RFID with keypad, perfect for projects that require two-factor authentication.

This revolutionary technology results in faster access to buildings with a higher level of security. In addition, the device's built-in controller ensures that homeowners and businesses have peace of mind transitioning to next-generation Bluetooth-based mobile access technology, which is the foundation for adopting much faster, easier, safer and more secure access solutions. flexible in the future. The new Bluetooth technology will be available at the end of April.

The compact and slim design of the 2N Access Unit M fits perfectly in all doors and its elegant glass front panel, guaranteed scratch-proof for five years, completes a refined solution, suitable for different needs in office buildings and in the elevators. Easy to mount on door frames in minutes, the new unit requires minimal cabling in the office and can be configured and administered remotely, accelerating installation and set-up times.

Manufactured in the Czech Republic with resistant materials and with certified IP55 and IK7 protection, the 2N Access Unit M is also suitable for outdoor and complex environments. The reader communicates securely with the web interface, with the 2N® Access Commander administration software and with the 2N® Mobile Key mobile application.

2N readers are available in four different variants:

2N® Access Unit M RFID 13.56 MHz - Able to read most cards at a frequency of 13.56 MHz, this version of the reader is suitable for companies that prefer traditional RFID technology. Employees who do not want to use a card to enter the office can simply rely on their mobile phone.

2N® Access Unit M RFID Multifrequency - Scans cards at frequencies of 125 kHz and 13.56 MHz and is convenient for buildings where multiple companies reside, with some areas in common.

2N® Access Unit M Bluetooth & RFID - Using Bluetooth technology, this reader is the fastest and most secure access option for modern offices and combines access via card or smartphone. Employees open the doors via the 2N® Mobile Key application with a click on the app or even, leaving the smartphone in their pocket, with a touch of the reader. The less tech-savvy, however, can always open the door using an RFID card.

2N® Access Unit M Touch Keypad & RFID - This reader is ideal for buildings that require two-factor authentication, with access via PIN code and RFID card. During working hours, it is sufficient for employees to swipe their RFID cards, while in case of access after hours it is also necessary to enter a code. The unit reads cards with frequencies of 125 kHz and 13.56 MHz and also allows you to generate unique access codes for external visitors.