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AI security for homeowners and SMBs is here

AI security for homeowners and SMBs is here

For the first time, Hikvision AcuSense technology is bringing the power of artificial intelligence security to homeowners and small and medium-sized businesses. That means customers in this important market can now increase their security and respond to incidents more quickly, while saving time and reducing their workloads and costs.

Most technological innovations are a continuation of what came before. This results in products that are smarter, more efficient, or more profitable, but basically only a marginal improvement over the previous version.

And then there are the game-changing technologies. Technologies like AcuSense from Hikvision.

A big change in home and business security.

By making AI security features available to homeowners and SMB organizations for the first time, AcuSense technology is driving more effective security, more efficiency, and a faster return on investment for customers. in these important markets.

Here are 3 key ways AcuSense technology is revolutionizing security for residential and SMB customers:

1) AcuSense technology supports faster and more effective responses to security incidents

With traditional CCTV solutions, end users may not even know that an incident has occurred until after the event, when damage and loss has already occurred. AcuSense changes this with real-time alarms that are triggered on end users' mobile devices, allowing them to respond in real time to minimize the negative impacts of a security breach.

As an added benefit, certain AcuSense-enabled camera models offer built-in strobe and audible alarms to scare off intruders as they enter restricted areas, stopping them in their tracks. This helps prevent theft in the first place, further protecting people and assets.

2) AcuSense technology offers significant time and cost savings for homeowners and businesses

Another way AcuSense revolutionizes home and business security is by differentiating between humans and vehicles, and other moving objects like animals, falling leaves, or heavy rain. This minimizes false positives and ensures that end users are only alerted in the event of real security threats.

With AcuSense technology, homeowners, SMB security teams, and alarm reception centers can also find images of security incidents extremely quickly and easily, without the need to manually review video. This is accomplished with 'tags' added to the video timeline each time a person or vehicle appears in camera view, eliminating the need for costly and time-consuming manual video searches.

3) AcuSense technology is quick and easy to implement, offering a really easy upgrade path for AI.

Although AcuSense offers security features that dramatically improve home and business security, the technology is quick and easy to deploy in a variety of settings, from residences to factories, warehouses, and other restricted areas.

In fact, Hikvision IP cameras, NVRs and DVRs powered by AcuSense are almost as easy to deploy as regular CCTV cameras and use similar setup and setup processes. In part, installation is very easy because the Motion Detection 2.0 feature of AcuSense-enabled cameras and DVRs is enabled by default. This means that accurate detection of people and vehicles is possible without the need for configuration.

Last but equally important, residential and SMB customers can deploy AcuSense-enabled NVRs in their existing camera installations to take advantage of new AI-powered security features. This means that they can still improve their security provision with AcuSense, while also extending the ROI of their investments in existing cameras.